Richapp — IT project development for you

Richapp — IT project development for you

Area of our competence:

  • Handle large amounts of data
  • Store large amounts of data
  • Work with large data volumes
  • Integrate software systems

An example of a software system that you can order from us. You will find more examples in the “Project Examples” section.

Web application with adaptive layout. Data storage in PostgreSQL. Background services like collector, agent.
Example software system

The principle of building development

Development is constructed in an iterative manner. Iteration has a time limit - from two weeks to a month. The iteration contains a list of tasks that must be completed during this period. The iteration results in an intermediate version of the product.

If you need to solve a large problem, then it is divided into several iterations. We will coordinate the iteration tasks with you. During the iteration, tasks cannot be changed.

Payment is based on the results of iteration, if you agree with the proposed solution. If during the check you find inconsistencies with the agreed functionality, then we make corrections, after which you re-check.

Technological stack

  • PostgreSQL
  • Python3
  • JavaScript
  • Golang
  • Sqlite
  • Linux

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